Selected list of NMR acronyms and abbreviations

BB-CROP: Broad-Band Cross-Correlated Relaxation Optimized Pulses

BE: TOCSY Sequences proposed by Braunschweiler and Ernst

BEBOP: Broadband Excitation By Optimized Pulses

BIBOP: Broadband Inversion By Optimized Pulses

BIRD: Bilinear Rotation Decoupling CABBY : Coherence Accumulation by Blocking of Bypasses

CAMELSPIN: Cross-Relaxation Appropriate for Minimolecules Emulated by Locked Spins

CCP: Concatenated Cross Polarization CITY : Computer-Improved Total-Correlation Spectroscopy

COIN: Combination of Isotropic Mixing and Selective Nutation COMB : COMpensated for Beta

COS-CT: Coherence Order Selective Coherence Transfer COSY : Correlation Spectroscopy

CP: Cross Polarization

CRIPT: Cross Relaxation-Induced Polarization Transfer

CRINEPT: Cross-correlated RelaxatIoN-Enhanced Polarization Transfer

CROP: Cross-Correlated Relaxation Optimized Pulses

CT: Coherence Transfer

CW: Continuous Wave

DAISY: Direct Assignment Interconnection Spectroscopy

DANTE: Delays Alternating with Nutations for Tailored Excitation

DCOSY: Dipolar Coupliung Spectroscopy

DCP: Double Cross Polarization

DB: TOCSY Sequences proposed by Davis and Bax

DCP: Double-Resonance J Cross Polarization

DEPT: Distortionless Enhancement by Polarization Transfer

DIPSI: Decoupling in Presence of Scalar Interaction

DREAM: Double-Quantum Relay Enhancement by Adiabatic Mixing

GD: TOCSY Sequences proposed by Glaser and Drobny

E.COSY: Exclusive Correlation Spectroscopy

ETA: Multiple-Pulse Sequence for E.TACSY Experiments

E.TACSY: Exclusive Tailored Correlation Spectroscopy

FASTER: FAst Spinning gives Transfer Enhancement at Rotary resonance

FLOPSY: Flip-Flop Spectroscopy

GARP: Globally Optimized Alternating-phase Rectangular Pulses

GRAPE: Gradient Ascent Pulse Engineering

HAHAHA: Hartmann-Hahn-Hadamard Spectroscopy

HEHAHA: Heteronuclear Hartmann-Hahn Spectroscopy

HEHOHEHAHA: Heteronuclear-Homonuclear-Heteronuclear Hartmann-Hahn Spectroscopy

HETLOC: Determination of Heteronuclear Long-Range Couplings

HIHAHA: Heteronuclear Isotropic Hartmann-Hahn Spectroscopy

HMQC: Heteronuclear Multiple Quantum Correlation

HNHA-TACSY: Experiment for Tailored Correlation Spectroscopy of HN- and H_alpha-Resonances

HOHAHA: Homonukleare Hartmann-Hahn-Spektroskopie

HORROR: HOmonucleaR ROtary Resonance

HQQC: Heteronuclear Single Quantum Coherence

HTQC: Heteronuclear Triple Quantum Correlation

HSQC: Heteronuclear Quadruple Quantum Correlation

IICT: TOCSY Sequences Developed at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology

INEPT: Insensitive Nucleus Enhancement by Polarization Transfer

JCP: J Cross Polarization

JESTER: J Enhancement Scheme for Isotropic Transfer with Equal Rates

LOUSY: Lock on Unprepared Spins MAS : Magic Angle Spinning

MGS: Heteronuclear Decoupling Sequences Developed by M. G. Schwendinger

MLEV: Pulse Sequence and Super Cycle developed by M. Levitt

MOCCA: Modified Phase-Cycled Carr-Purcell Sequences

MOIST: Mismatch-Optimized I-S Transfer

NMR: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

NOE: Nuclear Overhauser Enhancement

NOESY: Nuclear Overhauser and Exchange Spectroscopy

NOIS: Numerically Optimized Isotropic Mixing Sequence

OC-DCP: Optimal Control Double Cross Polarization

OC-FASTER: Optimal Control FASTER

OC-HORROR: Optimal Control HOmonucleaR ROtary Resonance

PEP: Preservation of Equivalent Pathways

PICSY: Pure In-Phase Correlation Spectroscopy

RDC: Residual Dipolar Couplings

RELAY: Relayed Correlation Spectroscopy

RF: Radio Frequency

RJCP: Refocused J Cross-Polarization

ROE: Rotating Frame Nuclear Overhauser Enhancement

ROESY: Rotating Frame Nuclear Overhauser Enhancement Spectroscopy

ROPE: Relaxation Optimized Pulse Elements


SHRIMP: Scalar Heteronuclear Recoupled Interaction by Multiple Pulse

SIMONE: SIMulation program One

SIS-PICSY: Selectively Inverted Soft

PICSY SPORTS ROPE: Spin ORder TranSfer with Relaxation Optimized Pulse Element

STAR: Specific Trajectory Adapted Refocusing SVD : Singular Value Decomposition

TACSY: Tailored Correlation Spectroscopy

TCP: Triple-Resonance J Cross Polarization

TOCSY: Total Correlation Spectroscopy

TOP: Time-Optimal Pulse Sequence



TROPIC: Transverse Relaxation-Optimized Polarization transfer Induced by Cross-correlation effects

TROSY: Transverse Relaxation-Optimized Spectroscop

Y WALTZ: Wideband Alternating Phase Low Power Technique for Zero Residual Splitting

WIM: Windowless Isotropic Mixing Sequence

ZFHF-ZQS: Zero-Field-in-High-Field Zero-Quantum Spectra

ZQ: Zero Quantum